Is 3200mhz RAM Good For I9 9900k?

Is 32gb RAM overkill?

Is 32GB overkill.

In general, yes.

The only real reason an average user would need 32GB is for future proofing.

As far as just simply gaming goes, 16GB is plenty, and really, you can get by just fine with 8GB..

What is better more RAM or faster RAM?

Faster RAM will give your PC better performance in certain specific benchmarks, but in terms of actual benefit to most users, having more RAM available is almost always better than having faster RAM. … That’s because this setup relies on system memory for graphics performance.

Can I use 3200mhz ram in 2666mhz?

As long as they are the same technology aka ddr4 ram on a ddr4 ram supporting motherboard. … Dependent on the BIOS you will not even be able to run the RAM at 3200mhz but at the default of 2666mhz so it should work just fine, if it lets you use different speeds use one that is compatible with your RAM.

Can I use 4gb and 8gb RAM together?

That’s why it’s best to use the same model in all slots. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use different size RAM sticks together. For example, if your first stick is 4GB, you can still add a new 8GB stick. … Your RAM sticks will work together at the frequency of the lower stick, by default.

Is the i9 9900k worth it for gaming?

As you are not using your PC for anything other than gaming with no streaming, then the 9900K is as good as it gets and coupled to the RTX 2080ti it will be a great combination for very high refresh 1080p and very high refresh 1440p… It will also play 4K very well.

Is liquid cooling worth it?

Liquid cooling is the best way to cool a CPU because water transfers heat much more efficiently than air. Liquid cooling also makes your PC run quieter because you won’t have fans constantly running at a high RPM. However, liquid cooling a PC can also be dangerous if water leaks onto hardware.

Does the 9900k run hot?

Long story short 9900k is a hot cpu for Mobo brands are pusshing it too far out of the box with auto settings. Hell mine was going all 8 cores 5.0 ghrz. Using Asus pro gaming z390 mobo with dual channel 32 gig 3k hrz ram and gtx 1070 ti. You must deal with airflow and then mess with bios to your liking.

Why is i9 bad?

Power Consumption And Overclocking Intel puts the TDP of the i9-9900K at 95W, but it’s inadequate to hit turbo on all cores. The CPU draws a total of 210W with all cores on turbo, which is insane. The stock Intel cooler will be grossly inadequate for this CPU, so a good aftermarket cooler is a must.

What is the fastest ddr4 RAM?

At least a little bit further, apparently—Crucial just earned itself some bragging rights by launching the Ballistix Max 5100, the fastest available RAM on the market. It is only offered as a 16GB kit (2x8GB), and in limited edition quantities to boot.

Does RAM speed matter for Intel?

Intel RAM speed performance Faster RAM does show some some small minimum FPS gains, but a couple of percent here and there isn’t significant. … It won’t cost much more than 2,400MHz or 2,666MHz RAM. 3,600MHz is about where you start to hit a limit for good value. Kits faster than this tend to really jump up in price.

Does Intel support 3200MHz RAM?

Assumably, yes! Let me guide you throughout the process: first: Intel does not benefit from higher ram speed as much as the Ryzen processors, so if you’re paying more for those 3200mhz ram than a 2400mhz ram, then you’re simply wasting money since the actual improvement is barely nothing.

Does i9 9900k need liquid cooling?

In other words, if you want to push the 9900K to its max you need to equip it with a potent cooling system. You don’t have to use a liquid AIO cooling system when overclocking though. Remember that you can use a high-end air cooler for overclocking the 9900K.

Which motherboard is best for i9 9900k?

Our Recommendations for i9 9900KAwardModalBest Premium Motherboard for i9 9900KMSI MEG GODLIKE Z390Best Flagship Motherboard for Ryzen i9 9900KGigabyte Z390 Aorus XtremeBest Overall Motherboard for Ryzen i9 9900KGIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ULTRABest Budget Motherboard for Ryzen i9 9900KASRock Phantom Gaming 94 more rows•Jul 13, 2020

Is i7 or i9 better?

Speaking generally, i9s are simply faster processors than are i7s – more cores, higher clock, more cache. The big differentiator is when it comes to Hyperthreading, the feature that creates two processing threads for every physical core. For 9th Gen Core processors, Intel has restricted Hyperthreading to i9 only.

Is i9 9900k future proof?

In the here and now, the Core i9 9900K is indeed a proper halo product from Intel – astonishingly fast, highly capable and the most future-proof mainstream CPU on the market.

What RAM is compatible with i9 9900k?

Speedy RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Kit This 16GB kit from Corsair is a killer module pack for any PC that can handle the speeds. At 3,000MHz, you’re looking at some severe performance that would allow the Intel Core i9-9900K processor to ramp up in benchmarks. It’s also rather affordable.

How much RAM does an i9 need?

Best RAM for i9-10900K – Our PicksAwardModelBest RAM for Extreme OverclockHyperX Predator DDR4 16GB 4800MHz CL19Best RAM for Most 10900K UsersCorsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 3200MHz C16Best RGB RAM for i9-10900KG.Skill TridentZ RGB Series 32GB 3200MHz C14Best Bang for The Buck RAMPatriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 16GB 4400MHz5 more rows

Is 3900x better than 9900k?

The Core i9-9900K has a base frequency of 3.6GHz and a maximum boost frequency of 5GHz, compared with the Ryzen 9 3900X’s base 3.8GHz speed and 4.6GHz maximum boost. … Here, at least on pure specs, the Ryzen 9 3900X wins hands down. It comes with support for 3,200MHz DDR4 memory and a whopping 70MB L3 cache on the die.