Question: Is Exynos Processor Good For Gaming?

Is Kirin better than Exynos?

Kirin 970 has the lowest frequency with 2.4 GHz.

Each SoC has a modem that can reach a download speed of 1.2 Gbps, but Exynos 9810 has the highest upload speed with 200 Mbps.

On the other hand, the Snapdragon 845 has a GPU that’s likely better: the Adreno 630..

Is a21s good for PUBG?

Galaxy A21s performance My review unit had 3GB of RAM, but the variant with 4GB RAM that we have in our office in the Netherlands isn’t any better. Oddly enough, you can play PUBG and Call of Duty at the minimum graphics settings with a somewhat smooth frame rate.

Which is better exynos 850 or Snapdragon 720g?

Snapdragon 720G is a better processor than Exynos 850 in almost every aspect like CPU, GPU, Connectivity, Camera, Display Support, and Benchmark.

Why are there no exynos in America?

As background, due to a patent-related agreement between Qualcomm (holder of many patents) and Samsung, Samsung cannot sell it’s Exynos chipset to other phone manufacturers: Qualcomm Might Have Prevented Samsung From Selling Its Exynos Chipsets to Other Phone Manufacturers.

Why is Samsung selling Exynos?

Samsung’s shareholders aren’t happy, either: The company was grilled at its annual shareholder meeting recently for reasons why it continues to sell its phones with Exynos chipsets despite the poorer performance compared to Snapdragon SoCs.

Which is better Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9611?

We can better compare what are the technical differences between the two processors. We see that the two processors have an equivalent number of cores, the maximum frequency of Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon 855 is greater, that the thermal dissipation power of Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 9611 is less.

Which is better for gaming Exynos or Snapdragon?

For gaming, the Snapdragon 855 is the clear winner over the Exynos 9820. Samsung wants us to believe these devices are equal, but they clearly aren’t. Even though the performance is close, the Snapdragon 855 is clearly superior to the Exynos 9820 in real-world gaming.

Why exynos 990 is bad?

1: Exynos 990’s CPU is based off the outdated Cortex A76 architecture even for its “cutting edge” Custom Mongoose 5 cores. … 2: Exynos 990’s Mali G77 MP11 is a disaster. It’s the main cause behind the overheating issues of the 990 and is over 2 TIMES slower than the Adreno 650 of the Snapdragon 865.

Which Snapdragon processor is best?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus The Snapdragon 855 Plus has a clock speed of 2.96GHz, which helps in terms of heavy workload and it is also good in terms of gaming. Qualcomm claimed about this processor that it will also increase graphics performance by 15 percent.

Is exynos 990 good for gaming?

With both phones set to 1080p @ 60 Hz and launching NBA 2K20 at max graphic setting, the gaming performance disparity is easily noticeable, as the Galaxy S10+ with the Snapdragon 855 holds a steady 60fps, with a few intermittent drops down to 59fps. … It’s safe to say that the Exynos 990 is, well, bad for gaming.

Is exynos 990 better than Snapdragon 865?

The Exynos 990 is slightly behind the Snapdragon 865 in terms of CPU performance (6% behind), and Antutu speculates that this is the result of the Exynos 990’s big core scheduling not being aggressive. In terms of GPU performance, the Exynos 990 is almost tied with the Snapdragon 865, with no significant difference.

Is Galaxy a21s good for gaming?

While the A21S’ 6.5 in AMOLED display should provide a decent in-hand experience, the sluggish chipset makes this phone a hard pass for anyone looking to run titles like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile at higher settings.

Is Exynos 9611 processor bad?

Turbocharged clock speeds with battery optimisations The main Cortex-A73 cores in the Exynos 9611 can hit speeds of 2.3GHz, which is fantastic if you are a heavy gamer or someone who demands smooth, lag-free multitasking. Meanwhile, the Cortex A53 chip can hit speeds of 1.73Ghz.

Can exynos run fortnite 9611?

Nope. while the CPU is capable of running fortnite. the GPU is insufficient.

Why do US Samsung phones have Snapdragon?

The flagship mobiles of Samsung have much higher and developed Exynos processors. But Qualcomm Snapdragon manufactures processors which are both powerful and power efficient,which makes them more popular and trusted processor in market. … That’s why Samsung should have continued to use Snapdragon chips in US.

Is exynos 850 good for gaming?

CPU and GPU Experience better processing and gaming. Combining a pair of dependable processing units, the Exynos 850 delivers capable mobile computing and gaming on devices. With its Arm® Cortex®-A55 octa-core CPU, the Exynos 850 offers great combination of stable performance and power efficiency.

Why is exynos bad?

One complaint that is regularly made with global Exynos devices is poor battery performance when compared to the North American Qualcomm counterparts. … The Exynos phones are slower, have worse battery life, worse camera sensors and processing, get hotter and throttle faster, etc.

Which is better Exynos 9810 vs Snapdragon 845?

As per the latest benchmark results, the Exynos 9810 SoC beats the Snapdragon 845 SoC but falls well behind Apple’s A10 and A11. As per benchmarking of a demo handset at the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch event by Anandtech, the Exynos 9810 is faster than its predecessor, Exynos 8895, but not as fast as Apple’s processors.

Which Exynos processor is best for gaming?

Built with a 64-bit octa-core CPU and a powerful GPU, the Exynos 9611 processor lets the users to do more of their favorite activities such as gaming thanks to a robust performance that fits the evolved mobile devices.

Is exynos faster than Snapdragon?

This is a major factor in determining the speed of the processors. The Snapdragon processors are fast when it comes to running graphics rich content whereas the Exynos chipset fires up the apps quickly.